We need the shadows
to show us the light,

There can be no victory
Without a fight..

The awakened soul understood,

We need to know the bad,
To appreciate that which is good.

We are not flowers
That grow in the light

There can be no victory
Without a fight..

And the awakened soul knew,

Through all this darkness,
How much it grew..

Diana Ganić



As I am

If I spiral
out of control
Will you still
love me?

Love me if I am distant
distant and cold,
if I don’t fit the beauty mold?
If I am not cast from gold?

Will you meet my dark
after only seeing my  day?
Will you count my scars
or will we count the stars?

far, far away..

Look in my eyes
will you see me, as I am?
or will you too, fade away,
Never to return..

© Diana Ganić



I seek my courage
Two sunken heartbeats
Between words,
and silence

Whose guarded thoughts
My lips will never say..
But alas, welled eyes betray me,
as I dolefully walk away.

© Diana Ganić



I reach for you,
cocoon me in gold..
all I ever wanted,
was for someone to hold

I am young,
yet feel so old..

The cards you dealt me,
I can no longer play..
I want an exchange,
I fold this painful game.

All my children are unborn
and my legacy, a forgotten dream.

We are all reduced,
ground down to dust, slowly
and papers with our names
trickling down a stream..

© Diana Ganić



Take me away,
my love
Where I can fully unwind..

You illuminate and honeycomb
every dark space
of my mind.

To the moon,
whose light so tender,
I will softly sing of your splendor

and upon waking,
To the sun I will cry.

© Diana Ganić



Other Side

Take a peek, to the other side
A day in their shoes
is a year in yours..

If you would walk,
a day in their shoes
You may appreciate life
a little more.

© Diana Ganić