This Indomitable wave,
which captivates me,
and makes me
a lifelong slave..

I have seen stars
and reached the heavens..
and met
my precipice..


This impregnable wave..
which I constantly
search for,
and crave..

I have explored
the Garden of Eden
and drank it’s sweet nectars
and fade..

I have been soft,
I have been shaken,
I have been held,
I have been released,
I have been lost,
and have been saved..

by the Wave.

© Diana Ganić




One Million Pieces


You came to me, broken..
into a million pieces.
And I kissed
every single one..

No matter how many times
You go away…
running back,
to your personal hell..

I will always be the one
to rescue you,
and heal you,
until you finally stay..

© Diana Ganić




We will dance
under the stars,
our joy will be felt
from here to planet mars..

In that sacred moment,
All that ever was,
and ever is,
and ever should be,
will be ours..

In that sacred moment,
we have found ourselves,
and one another
and in one another..
our bodies and souls shone,

In that sacred moment,
we thought we were alone,
But the whole universe
is our witness..
We are finally home..

© Diana Ganić




I have been cruel to myself..
and for this I must pay..

I can only pray,

that the price of this heavy sin,
Doesn’t involve losing him..

© Diana Ganić


Light Years




I am light years from perfection,
and thousands of miles
from his affection..

My affliction,
lights the long dead embers
in my soul..

as the pain peels away,
I’ve again found hope
and a direction to go..

© Diana Ganić