I feel You

I felt you
your visit last night
as I dreamed
so it seemed.
I lay in my inner verse
neither awake or asleep
somewhere in between.
Afloat in the darkness.

I smelled Rose and Ylang Ylang
your sweet passioned scent.
I felt your warm gentle
breath on my face,
on my eye lids
my fore head.

Softly I groaned,
the sound of
pure pleasure.

my genesis
Rising within
a million butterflies
released from my
dan tien,

(my sacred sea of Qi)

Like a super nova
starburst –
filling me entire with desire
igniting my passions pyre.

Your nose touches mine gently,
cold nose contrast
warm lips touch mine,
like the most exquisite
gateway to the divine
as I surrender for thine.

Lips part
quickening heart
energies spark
auras merge
souls converge,
new consciousness
Two exploding supernovae…
We are all
we are nothing.

I felt you leave

Your scent dissolving
like mist
I still feel your kiss
our oneness and bliss,
I will though not miss
when we are apart
~ you fill the silent space
between each beat
of my heart

Our souls divine embrace.

I feel you




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