Carry On

At the end of every smile,
at end of every song,
at the end of every sunlight,
and at the brink of every dawn..

It is you my dear,
who gives me purpose
to travel the middle ground..

A light in the tunnel,
you give me direction..
and the strength
to carrying on..

© Diana Ganić




I am made of the moon,
with deep crevices,
high mountains,
and scattered scars..

and You are made of the sun,
bearing soft wings,
you look at me
with eyes full of stars..

You see all that is light,
all that is right,
inwardly, and outwardly
all that is true..

I wonder why
you are still here..
Like an Angel sent from above,
and the gentle cooing of a dove..


© Diana Ganić




If you could see the stars
that reside behind my eyes,
to the Universe
that lies within..
To see the soul
scar laden and bare,
underneath this skin,
that tastes like sin..
What would our lives be
if we could unzip the shell..
and see, I am you, and you are me?..
would be we be less lonely?
My heart that beats,
synches in the rhythm of yours,
if we ripped open our chests,
aren’t we the same to the cores?
So lets kiss each others scars,
they number across us
Inside and out,
like bright shining stars..
Measures wholly, and fully,
measures in goodness,
and measures in sin..
We are the same fragile soul,
underneath this Human skin…
© Diana Ganić

Heat Shaped Box

In the depths of my heart,
laid a box
A box where I buried all my sorrow..
and I gave you the key.

But when you opened it
you laughed
and you spit

You piece of shit.

But one day you will see
There will never be,
anyone else
like me..



I thought I had seen
it all..

But my soul
had never known
true sorrow..

I saw you cry.

And my soul
had never known
true happiness..

I saw you smile..

© Diana Ganić